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THE BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS are a tent revival for the Church of Friday Night Rock and Roll healing you deserve. The Kingston NY based power trio twists traditional elements around post modern rhythms and muscular arrangements that make them sound much bigger than the sum of their parts. Expect a mashup of 60s-70s NYC-artrock, early electric blues, vintage R+B, and proto-punk. Their sound is defined less by genre than the conviction that rock music should be sensual, cathartic, and liberating.

Sounds like/FOF: “The Black Keys meet Black Sabbath,” Television, Iggy and the Stooges, The Vines, The Kinks, Jack White, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Dead Meadow, Pavement

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Woodstock, NY’s THE BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS still believe in Rock and Roll.

Frontman Jeremy Byron Swift was born in the chaos of the early 70’s New York Lower East Side. His mother had escaped suburban NJ at sixteen to live in the shadow of the Filmore East and Cafe Wha. They fled upstate in a VW bug after being priced and (literally) burned out of the city and kicked around in the Catskills until landing in their adopted home of Woodstock, where Swift learned to play guitar at the feet of local legends both famous and unknown.

As a teenager, Swift met bassist Godfrey Damrath who was then a member of OBLIVION GRIN, one of the first alternative rock bands in the Hudson Valley. They soon formed the proto-grunge band GUAVALAMP which inspired some of the more ferocious mosh pits of the region’s DIY all-ages scene. Damrath likened the experience to “standing in front of a room full of people with an open firehose.”

Wanderlust soon claimed Swift, who headed west and began a decade-long love affair with mountain bike racing. Damrath continued to play bass professionally in a myriad of local and touring projects ranging from Rockabilly to Senegalese pop.

Swift eventually returned to Woodstock, and soon after the muse returned as well. He started writing songs inspired by the music that he first imprinted on: the rock and R&B of the sixties and seventies, and the blues at the root of it all. In 2015 he reunited with Damrath to form THE BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS, and in 2016 they released their debut EP.

The Beautiful Bastards are currently planning their next EP.


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All photos by Rebecca Rojer

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